Welcome to The Kichton Group of Companies

Welcome to The Kichton Group, where excellence is synonymous with accountability. With a legacy of over a century of collective construction expertise, we specialize in every aspect of industrial projects, from earthworks to electrical installation. Our strength lies in our unified ownership model, shared resources, and a skilled labour force. Boasting a fleet of over 1200 pieces of equipment and a workforce exceeding 1000 proficient tradespeople and labourers, we ensure seamless project execution with unwavering confidence.

Kichton Construction specializes in large scale earthworks projects including reclamation, overburden removal, dyke, dam, internal drain, pad, road, crack stopper and chimney drain construction.

Kichton Contracting specializes in civil, industrial, and commercial earthworks as well as water and sewer operations including foundations and piling.

K-Energy Ltd complements the service offering of the Kichton Group of Companies, delivering high quality Pipeline and Facility Construction services to the Energy Sector throughout Western Canada.

As part of the Kichton Group of companies Double Star provides expert service in project consultation, piling, shoring, anchors, load tests, vibratory hammer work, post-tensioning, grouting, and segmental casing.

Radium is the technology arm of the Kichton Group. Radium Technologies  are experts in mechanical construction, maintenance and installation.

As a group we are working on many projects at once. Check us out on our socials to see pictures of what we’re working on.